An inspiring, humourous, and informative talk by Sergei Boutenko which presents a good case for having a delicious greens smoothie every day for your health and wellbeing. People report disappearance of food cravings, mental and emotional clarity, lots of energy, need less for sleep, clear skin and eyes, and more....  It is truly amazing

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Six diabetics (Type I and Type 2) bravely sign-up for a 30-day retreat where they are to eat nothing but raw vegan food. The results and transformations are remarkable.

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Australian Joe Cross is middle-aged, 100 pounds overweight and on medications daily for ailments including a debilitating autoimmune disease. His body is toxic due to his poor diet and stressfull lifestyle. Joe quits meat, dairy, and processed foods and travels the USA for 60 days chatting to people about their diet and health, whilst drinking only fresh fruit and vegetable juice.                        Joe's website