Rob, Clevedon
I started Yoga classes 2 years ago having not understood any Yoga practices. From my initial class with Mark I was made to feel very welcome and soon discovered I could do postures I hadn't done since my youth! After 6 months Mark suggested I might want to attend the more advanced class so to train twice weekly. I took up his advice and can honestly say it has improved my overall fitness, stamina and posture. Mark listens to any concerns pupils may have during his class and will always give the right answer.

Alex Kidd, Weston-super-Mare
Having retired in 2010, I was keen to play competitive golf again as this had always been my main sport.
Although I managed to reduce my playing handicap to 11, I experienced neck pain and stiffness in my shoulders which restricted the leverage (power) I was able to deploy. My osteopath recommended that I took up yoga to try to re-gain flexibility – and stipulated that it should be physically demanding. Mark Stanford's yoga sessions are certainly that!
I joined Mark's yoga class in August, 2010 and found it to be a truly transformational experience. He enjoys the complete commitment of all his students – this is founded on his totally professional approach. The programme of activities is varied and his instructions are both clear and supportive. The net result is that all of us are constantly encouraged to improve.
I now enjoy pain-free golf and my playing handicap has been reduced to 7. Moreover, the general (slight) aches and pains to which I had resigned myself on the basis of simply growing old have virtually disappeared. I now realise that these were a product of my sedentary lifestyle – not my advancing years!
I can honestly assert that yoga with Mark Stanford is the only physically demanding activity I have ever undertaken which makes me feel better the following day. I have just decided to join another of his weekly sessions.
Bring it on!

Julia, Congesbury
I joined Mark's ashtanga class about 7 years ago and think he is an exceptional teacher. I loved it from the start. Over the years I've increased the number of classes I attend to five a week. I wish I'd done that from the beginning because the benefits have been huge.
I am a tense person in both mind and body. Mark's classes allow me to feel energised as well as at peace. I also enjoy socialising with a lovely, varied bunch of people who encourage each other's achievements. Pretty amazing, really. I look forward to every class, however tired I am.
Last week I ran to the postbox just for the fun of it. Something I haven't done since I was 30. I carried heavy tables for an event without batting an eye, when the men of my age were struggling two to a table. I was in the shower the other day, and was surprised to find my shoulders were solid muscle. I thought 'Where on earth did that come from? I haven't done anything.' Then I realised it was all from Yoga. Mark encourages me to try new things just when I need it. I'm attempting postures I haven't done since I was 6 years old. A handstand for the first time at nearly 60! You must be joking! Wow it all feels good. After Mark's classes, I feel as though someone has pulled my limbs and spine into position so that I'm an inch taller.
Mark guides us with a calm voice, clear instructions and good authority. For me, the whole hour is like a meditation. He speaks when necessary and leaves space for our own concentration and breathing. He responds if we want to improve and varies the classes so we are challenged. We have very different abilities, but we all achieve something, even someone as inflexible as me. A friend moved away last year and told me she would never find a teacher as good as Mark, it was her great regret to leave. I would feel the same. I talk of the benefits of Mark's yoga classes to everyone I meet and now my husband has retired, he accompanies me and we both 'spout on' about it!
Thanks for changing our lives Mark.